Hotels in Lombardia

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Lombardia, located in the north of Italy, is one of the most affluent districts in Italy, and offers many great Lombardia Hotels to choose from. This region, famous for its magnificent lakes and snowy Alps peaks, attracts visitors from across the globe all through the year. Milan is the capital and the biggest city of Lombardia. Other major towns of the region include Bergamo, Lecco, Brescia, Mantova and Varese. Because of an influx of several thousand tourists all over the year, Lombardia has a very well developed hotel and restaurant industry. Here are some of the best accommodations available throughout the region: 

Milan Hotels

Milan, being the capital of Lombardia, offers a host of all-time great hotels. The Carlton Hotel at Milan should be on the top of your list if your budget is not a constraint. This hotel, located in downtown Milan, is a stone's throw away from the fashion district of the capital. The hotel is famous for its two great in-house restaurants and the intricacy of the interior design. This hotel is also very good for business travelers, as it has all the facilities necessary for holding conferences, meetings and parties.

The Four Seasons Hotel is also counted among the posh hotels in Milan. The architecture of this magnificent hotel is inspired by the 15th-century Gothic style, and it offers well maintained and well furnished rooms. The service is of very high quality, and the four in-house restaurants serve delectable cuisines from all over the world. You must spend a night in one of the grand royal suites of this hotel to indulge yourself with luxury.

Brescia Hotels

Brescia is known as the "lioness of Italy." This quick-paced, hard-working city has plenty of naturally beautiful locations surrounding it. Hotel Ambasciatori is arguably the best hotel of this region. This four-star boutique hotel offers facilities and services that outdo some of the best five-star hotels in terms of quality and service. The hotel is very close to the historic center of Brescia, and offers great food and wine. Apart from this luxury hotel, Brescia has a number of more affordable one- and two-star hotels as well.

Bergamo Hotels

La Valletta Relais may not be the most expensive of the hotels in Bergamo, but is certainly among the most loved by the tourists. The view of the valley and the snow-capped mountains from the room is awesome. The hotel is a few kilometers away from the city, and the calmness and the serene environment can be enjoyed with the great food and wine the hotel serves in its open-air restaurant.

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