Getting Around in Lombardia

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Get Anywhere, Anytime While in Lombardia

Lombardia transportation is pain free. All of Northern Italy is well organized when it comes to public transportation. The region is efficiently internally and externally connected. Buses or trains reach every city and town in the region and surrounding areas. If there’s no train, there’s a bus.


If you are headed to Southern Italy or other places in Europe, you will probably need to start in Milano. This is the largest city of the region and the main transportation hub. Long distance trains and buses usually start from here, although it’s possible to catch them in other cities as well. Milano also has two international airports, which are connected to the city either by subway or shuttle bus.

City transportation

Milano is the only city with subways. If you are in any other city in Lombardia you can use city buses, trams where present and taxis. Taxis are always expensive and are only really necessary if you need to get around in the middle of the night.


Transportation schedules usually vary from winter to summer, so make sure you read the time tables correctly. During the summer, there are usually extra buses or trains in heavily trafficked areas, such as the areas around the lakes. You should book ahead if you plan to travel on a holiday, especially if traveling to or from a popular destination.


Train stations are not outright dangerous, but it is a common place for thieves. Keep your bags tight, even while on the train. Large bus stations are also a place where you should be vigilant in. 

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