Festivals in Lombardia

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Lombardia festivals are held throughout the year in this fascinating cultural hub of Italy. Every province of Lombardia hosts several unique festivals of its own, which are a big draw among the locals as well as the tourists visiting Italy. 

Milan Festivals 

Milan Fashion Week is a world-famous fashion festival where the new season’s fashion lines are unveiled. 

Sei Giorno di Ciclismo is a 6-day annual cycling competition held at Forum di Assago in Milan. 

Carneval Ambrosiano is held in February, during which all Italian cities, including Milan, celebrate the carnival season. 

Bergamo Festivals 

One of the most popular festivals in Bergamo is Festival Michelangeli, which is held between April and June. This is primarily a piano festival with thematic concerts hosted in Bergamo and Brescia. 

Brescia Festivals 

Festival di Santa Giulia is a popular festival held annually in June. It presents an eclectic mix of the arts, craft, music, and the cultural heritage of the Lombardy region. 

Musiche dal Mondo is another annual festival celebrating the global spirit of music and global culture. 

Como Festivals 

Sangra de San Giovanni, or the “Feast of San Giovanni” is an annual fest held in the end of June. It displays a range of the traditional folk arts of the region. Firework displays and floating lights on Lake Como are the highlights of this festival.

Cremona Festivals 

La Festa del Torrone is a festival held in the end of October, which is dedicated to nougat. The festival theme is re-enactment of the wedding of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti in 1441. 

Pavia Festivals

Festa del Ticino is a week-long sports and cultural festival held each year in September. The highlights of the festival include concerts, shows, musical nights, and exotic foods and wines.

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