Travel Guide in Bergamo

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Travel Guide for Visitors of Bergamo

You may find this Bergamo travel guide useful if you want to get a better view of the city and learn some interesting details to make planning your trip easier.


Bergamo is an attractive Italian town, located only 40 kilometers northeast of Milan. It is home to almost 120,000 residents. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Lombardy region. The main reason is the rich history of the city, with artifacts dating back to the 6th century. Today, Bergamo is subdivided into 2 different parts. These are the Upper City and the Lower City.

Upper City

The Upper City, or Citta Alta as the locals call it, is the historical center of Bergamo. It is also the most expensive residential area of the city, with most of the properties valued over 2 million euro. The area is surrounded by massive Venetian walls dating from the 17th century and is home to many remarkable sights. These include the Citadel, the Palazzo della Ragione, the Palazzo Nuovo and the Piazza Vecchia, as well as several fascinating churches and museums.

Lower City

The Lower City, or Citta Bassa, is the modern part of the Bergamo. This is where most tourists usually stay, in order to explore Citta Alta. This is mainly due to the fact this part of the city is home to many wonderful hotels which offer comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. Citta Bassa and Citta Alta have decent road, cable car and footpath connections, so getting from one part of the city to the other is easy. A good number of the buildings at the lower city are dating from the 19th century, which adds a unique flavor to this part of Bergamo.

Getting There

Bergamo is easily reachable by road, railway or air. Using a train is the best option if you’re traveling from Milan, Cremona or Brescia, as there are hourly trains serving these destinations. Taking a plane is a great choice, too, because the Bergamo airport is served by a good number of budget airlines and has decent connections with most major European airports, as well as with the airports of Rome, Cagliari, Naples and Palermo.

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