Top 5 Must Do's in Bergamo

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Located near Milan, the beautiful and ancient town of Bergamo contains many awesome sights for travelers and locals alike. This small but vibrant city is divided into upper and lower districts, each with their own unique sites, attractions, festivals and dining options. The following lists World 66’s Top 5 Must Dos. Don’t miss out on any of these amazing activities that you can visit year-round!

1. Via Gombito & Piazza Vicchea, City Center

Walk or take a bus to Via Gombito, the upper town’s main street. At Via Gombito, you’ll find charming townhouses, medieval towers and picturesque cheese shops from ancient times. From there walk to the Piazza Vecchia, the main attraction in upper town with its Romanesque, Renaissance, Neoclassical monumental styles, extraordinary marble library and the vast Palazzo della Ragione. In Bergamo, no matter where you go or see, you will feel the ancient stories of the city.

2. Colleoni Chapel

The piazza Duomo, Colleoni Chapel displays Renaissance architecture and design, feminine statues, Giovanni Antonio Amadeo’s art displays and the Medea's tomb by Amadeo Medea. No photography inside, but you can get a good quality audio phone. However, translation is a bit hard to decipher. The newsstand near the entrance sells postcards and a guide to the history of the chapel.

3. Accademia Carrara

The greatest attraction in lower city is the Accademia Carrara (Piazza dell’ Academia), the country’s finest regional gallery, displaying an array of Italian art history, including Botticelli, Raphael, Donatello and Pisanello. Nearby, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna features more contemporary exhibitions, including up-and-coming local and international artists. Both are a must see for the aspiring painter or sculptor.

4. Basillica Santa Maria Maggiore

The Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, neighboring the Colleoni Chapel and built hundreds of years ago, was initially an offering to the Madonna. The church’s exterior is worth photographing, with its Medieval style roof and subtle but detailed architectural designs. For a few Euros, you can climb the Bell Tower stairs to enjoy the majestic view of the Alps over Piazza del Duomo.

5. Bergamo Crafts

From Bergamo ’s city center, you can walk a few hundred feet in any direction and run into a major market stall or shopping mall. If you need a little direction (no pun intended!), most guidebooks suggest walking along the Via Crispi towards the Borgo Sant’Alessandro, a district of winding streets and local shops. You’ll be sure to find the perfect souvenir to send home in the local and international craft markets.

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