Senior Travel in Bergamo

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Bergamo, Italy is the place for seniors to travel. Accommodating you in every way, the locals will attend to your needs. Give it a try, to see one of the best places to view the historical sites of Italy.

Mercure Bergamo Palazzo Dolci

First you will want to set up hotel reservations. The Mercure Palazzo Dolci is the perfect place to stay. With easy access to and from the airport, you can’t go wrong staying here. The hotel is also walking distance from the bus station and the train station. It's close to restaurants and supermarkets if you decide to buy an evening snack. There is also a cable car that will take you into the heart of downtown, where the old town is located. The rooms are clean and the staff is friendly and extremely helpful.

The Upper City (La Citta Alta)

If you are looking for great architecture or even old structures from the past, then look no further than La Citta Alta. Getting there is a breeze. There is a train that will take you to the upper city. Once you get there, you need to make sure you have good shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If not, you may end up suffering from sore feet. There are many places to stop and rest along the way, several restaurants and little cafes. A must see for anyone traveling to Italy.

Carrara Academy Gallery (Galleria dell’Accademia Carrara)

The place to see the artists and paintings of the Venetian era are here in the Academy Gallery. Many famous works are hanging here, including Child Mary. There is a vast number of pictures to see for those who love art.

Church Alessandro et Santisshimo-Vinchentso

A taste of the old days can be felt in this church. The magnificent pillars and the ceiling art work make you feel like you are stepping back in time. There are many pictures and sculptures to admire. Make sure to take lots of film to capture the beauty of the Church.

Bergamo is a very beautiful city that is easy for seniors to travel to. From the hotel to the places to see, the city is ready to help make your trip a pleasure. Don’t hesitate to see the magnificent buildings and pictures of famous artists of the Venetian era. Take a chance and go.

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