Festivals in Bergamo

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The "Nesis" Band at Summer Music Festival

The "Nesis" Band at Summer Music Festival

Karen Brubaker

Bergamo and the local towns have festivals all year round depending on the time and the occasion. See a medieval castle in Urgnano come to life with folklore, costumes, scenes, music and food from long ago. See a puppet show, dancing, a fountain light show or fireworks over a lake.

Almè - 10 kilometers north of Bergamo - has a festival every year around May 28 to June 25 and then the Saint Patron Town festival is around the end of August.

You have to check and see who the Saint Patron of each town is in Italy and find out when they have their big celebration in the town. And then according to the town the celebration is carried out in a different way - a procession with the statue of the Saint accompanied by huge candles and sometimes people dressed up in special costumes according to the local custom. The church may be covered with lights at night, food served and performances included. If there is a lake or a river it could be filled with candles or boats covered in lights. Fireworks can mysteriously come out of the river and shoot into the sky. (Near south of Lecco on the river). So you see! The sky's the limit!

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International Meeting of Spelaeology

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Come to Imagna Valley for films, stands, banquets and more in a blocked off street area at Sant'Omobono. The International Meeting of Spelaeology has lots to offer you!

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date:28 October to 1 November 2005
address:Valle Imagna -Sant'Omobono (Bergamo)

Carneval of Alme (Bergamo)

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Come and see the parade with all the floats and groups of people in costumes with masks. They will start at the church at 14:30 on Sunday, 26 February 2006. People will do tricks on you or surprise you so - watch out!

There are special sweets and cookies made especially for this period of Carneval or Mardi Gras.

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tel:035 54 51 03
date:2006 February 26
address:Church - Alme (Bergamo)

2006 Summer Sound Festival and Happy Hours Bose Unplugged

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The "Nesis" Band at Summer Music Festival
The "Nesis" Band at Summer Music Festival
photo by: Karen Brubaker

There is a free music festival in Citta Alta at "La Fara" in front of and also next to the Ex Church of St Agostino (upper and lower parks). Different bands and dancers are performing throughout every week during the summer and at the beginning of September.

Refreshments, a restaurant and snack bars have been set up with tables and chairs in the three different parks. Also there is sand volley-ball and a beach atmosphere at the park in front of St Agostino Church.

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accessibility:St Agostino in Citta Alta - Bus 3
address:Lower and upper St Agostino Parks and the "Fara"- Via Porta Dipinta

Celtic Days

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Medieval and Celtic Festival from July 8 to 10, 2005, with Medieval music, stuntmen from King Arthur, Braveheart and The Gladiator, shows, tournaments, battles, concerts and dancing. See the old trades and a military camp. Traditional restaurant, and bar.

Get off the A4 autostrada at Ospitaletto (Brescia) and go straight toward Concesio. Get off at Rodengo Saiano. Go straight at the first roundabout toward Ome. At third roundabout turn left. Park at the Terme di Ome.

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tel:333 2908304
date:8,9,10 July 2005
address:Parco del Maglio Averoldi,Ome (Brescia)

Merchant's Fair

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Typical European products will be the subject of the fair in Bergamo presented under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce, the Provence and city of Bergamo and the region of Lombardy with ANVA Confesercenti. Entertainment and artistic performances will also be presented. Located in the center of Bergamo on the main street, Il Sentierone, which is the great pavement sidewalk for all people to walk up and down for their wonderful Latin style stroll. Open from 9 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday but closes at 8 pm on Sunday. The entertainment and artistic performances more..

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date:7,8,9 October 2005
address:Via Sentierone, Bergamo City Centre

A Medieval Festival in a Castle - Urgnano

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See what it was like in the Middle Ages as this Castle comes to life with all kinds of performances that reenact the customs, music, attire and folklore of long ago from 30 June to 17 July 2005 with "La Festa in Rocca", Urgnano.

An inaugural procession parade begins Thursday 30 June at 20.30  for the "Rocca Albani"castle starting in Piazza Libertà, Urgnano.
The evening's performers are: the Historical group of Bianzano (Bg);
Medieval flag twirlers in costume with music "Sbandieratori e musici dell'Urna" of Urgnano (Bg); the folkloristic more..

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tel:347 8079694
date:30 June to 17 July 2005
address:Urgnano (Bergamo)
email:e-mail promourgnano@hotmail.com

Orobic Festival

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Presentation of the culture, traditions, music and flavours of the people from Bergamo at Palazzago (Bergamo) Festival Area begins with music and animation by "Baghetér" at 4 pm on Saturday. At 8 pm there will be traditional music and songs from Bergamo and at 9 pm Rock Orobico with the "Simbiosi". It finishes at midnight.

Sunday starts at 8:30 in the morning with " Cafè del Pignatì" served, then more music, before lunch drinks and a lunch upon reservation (booking). Lots of parking and there will be a heated tent.

Also dancing, dancers, wandering more..

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tel:tel. / fax 0332/286542
date:22-23 October 2005
address:On the way to Palazzago (Bergamo)

Summer Dance Festival in Bergamo 2005 - 2006

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Sunday 12 June 05 - Villa D’Almé (BG), Teatro Serassi - time 21.30
ASSOCIAZIONE PIER LOMBARDO/TEATRO FRANCO PARENTI Tango di Luna - coreografie di Susanna Beltrami - con Luciana Savignano

Sunday 19 June - Bergamo, Teatro Donizetti - time 21.30 - KATAKLO’ Athletic Dance Theatre
Up, verticali Energie - coreografie di Giulia Staccioli

Wednesday 22 June - Bergamo, ex chiesa S. Agostino - time 21.30 PERCORSI MISTI La danza dei giovani autori con Bruno Catalano, Mary Citerio, Viola Ongaro e le Molecole more..

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tel:035 224700
date:12 June to 7 July 2005 and 2006
address:Via D. Luigi Palazzolo, 23/C - 24122 Bergamo - Italia

Heineken Beer Festival

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From 7 to 24 July 2005 every night at 19:00 at the Centro Sportivo Banca in Via Comunuovo, Zanica, (Bergamo) is a beer festival with grill, pizzeria, fun park and live music with Dee Jays at midnight and disco dancing. The disco music is with animation entertainment on 11,12,18,19 July.

Food provided by Griglieria Tijuana Ristorante and Pizzeria Ezio Patrizia. Music by: Stupido Hotel - trubute to Vasco Rossi, Chakrah, Circus, Alenicobenz, Super Nova -tribute to Oasis, Day Dream - tribute to U2, Too Rude, Sintetica Vanilla, Onda Nomade - tribute to Nomadi, IV more..

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tel:035 670204/392 3690366
date:7 to 24 July 2005
address:Centro Sportivo Banca, Via Comunuovo, Zanica

Library Festival and Street Market in Almè

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The Festival goes from 28 May to 25 June 2005 this year and here are some examples.

On Sunday 29 May there are lots of things for the children to do. A botanical art laboratory from 14:00 to 16:30. Make reservations in the library. For fun and games see Ludobus from 17:00 to 19:30. Duoreflex is the street theater -"Mister Marvel and Wattman" from 16:30 to 18:30.

On Thursday 2 June is the hobby and antique Street Market and art show in the Historal Center of town - the Civic Auditorium - from 9:00 to 19:00. Food service available.

On Saturday more..

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date:28 May to 25 June 2005 - there is something every year!
address:Almè - Piazza Lemine

Festivals at Lecco and the Lake

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At Lecco see "The Lake, the Colour and the Mountain Festivals" from 10 June to 26 June 2005 with a firework show over the lake at Lecco at 22:30 on Sunday night, June 26. There are places to stay and eat at, and things to do in all the cities along the lake and more.

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Grilled Ribs Festival

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From 29 June to 10 July 2005 at 19:00 is the Grilled Ribs Festival in the green surrounding country of Sedrina - Località Cassettone with the Wheel of Fortune and then music from 22:00 to 1:00. Cake contest on Thursday 7 July and Social Contest organized by the Sport Fishing Association of Sedrina on Saturday 9 July. Prizes awarded at 18:00 o'clock. You are the singer with "Karaoke" night on Tuesday 5 July. Also Rock, Latino Americano, and Dee Jay nights.

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date:29 June to 10 July 2005
address:Località Cassettone, Sedrina (Bergamo) Brembana Valley

Carnevale of Bergamo

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Come and see Carnevale in Bergamo that will pass as a parade by the Sentierone or anywhere that you see with people lined up alongside the streets. It goes from 9am to midnight with various events. Eat the typical sweets of Carnevale. See people dressed up in all kinds of costumes. Experience a real Italian event from the Catholic Church and the people of Italy.

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tel:035 399330
date:26 Februry 2006

Festivals, Music, Folklore, Culture, Fairs

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See the up-to-date calendar of all fairs, music festivals, folkloristic festivals, cultural performances, shows and happenings in Bergamo. The on-line magazine has the advantage of being brought up-to-date in real time. This way you will be at the right place at the right time!

Young n'Town Festival

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Uno dei rari esempi d’iniziativa giovanile ad Albino, è sicuramente Young‘n Town, che anche quest’anno, arrivata ormai alla sua settima edizione, si terrà ad Albino (a Prato Alto) dal 03 fino allo 05 Settembre. L’evento, vede come offerta principale un programma musicale eterogeneo, che spazia dal crudo e cupo impatto strumentale dei Calibro 35, gruppo che ti riporta direttamente nelle strade dell’Italia negli anni di biombo raccontate dai polizieschi e action-triller anni 70 – ai Fratelli Calafuria ed il loro Rock duro e demente, agli Orobians ed more..

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accessibility:Ingresso Gratuito (Free)
date:03,04,05 Semmbre 2010
address:v. Serio Albino (Bg)

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