Beaches in Bergamo

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Suspension & Roman Bridges

Suspension & Roman Bridges

Fiorenzo Gotti

Beaches are to be found all along the rivers and lakes. Do you like jumping off the rocks at Cinque Terre in Liguria? You can do it here too at Villa d'Alme and the suspension bridge is fun too near Clanezzo and the old Roman bridge.  

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Beaches along the Brembo River

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There are all kinds of beaches along the Brembo River. One is in a park with toilets, cafè, showers, volleyball, benches, a small inflatable pool for children and a soccer field. It's located south of Volo a Vela Flight Club Airport in Valbrembo and north of Ponte Briolo. Another one is in Clanezzo with a suspension bridge - called the dancing bridge because that's what it does when you walk across - and a rock to jump off of! Located below Castello di Clanezzo. There is also a trail more..

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The Suspension Bridge

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In dialect this bridge over the Brembo River and Beach is called "the bridge that dances" because when you walk over it - that's what it does. It is a good place for going to the beach because two rivers join here - the Brembo and the Imagna Rivers.

You can access this area from both sides of the river and then walk across the bridge to the side you like better. Don't forget to see the ancient Roman bridge that is high above.

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