7 Day Itinerary in Bergamo

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Bergamo, Italy is a beautiful town that sits in the foothills of the Alps. Divided into two distinct sections, the picturesque upper town and the bustling lower town, Bergamo is a great place to spend your vacation.

Day 1

Fly into Milan, Italy. It is possible to fly directly into Bergamo, but the train ride from Milan is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of the region, and flying into and out of Milan will allow you to see some of the sights it has to offer. It is roughly a 40 minute train ride from Milan to Bergamo, so if you head out right after dinner you should have plenty of time to check into your hotel in Bergamo without feeling rushed.

Day 2

Your first day in Bergamo should be spent enjoying the scenic beauty of the town. Sitting in the foothills of the Alps, Bergamo has a very medieval atmosphere. Try and spend most of your time in the upper part of the city, or the "Citta Alta", which can be reached by funicular, or a kind of inclined railway.

Day 3

Spend a day exploring the museums of Bergamo, either the Science Museum, the Donizetti Museum, or the Accademia Carrara, which houses an impressive collection of medieval artifacts and paintings.

Day 4

Head back up the funicular to the upper city, and, if you feel like you missed anything the first time around, spend some more time exploring. This historic section of Bergamo is the true tourist attraction of the city, and there is a lot to see here. When you are ready, look for a second funicular that will take you up to San Vigilio, a small village with some incredible views and a public park that has a ruined castle at its center.

Day 5

Despite the fact that the principle tourist attractions are found in the upper part of Bergamo, you shouldn't entirely neglect the lower city. In particular, you will find some great shopping in the lower city, a great opportunity to pick up souvenirs and gifts for the trip home.

Day 6

Your last full day in Bergamo, relax and try to soak in the tranquil beauty of the Alps. This is a great time to go back and visit any sights you may have missed or felt were worth coming back to.

Day 7

Time to head back to Milan. Depending on when your flight leaves, you can try and squeeze in as much or as little sight-seeing as you feel inclined to before heading home.

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