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Citta Alta Walls from St Agostino Park

Citta Alta Walls from St Agostino Park

Karen Brubaker

Bergamo is divided in two parts with quite a distinct atmosphere. The Città Alta is the old part of town, it has small steep streets with old houses and many churches, the Città Bassa brings you the fast paced Italian life of the industrialized north.

Most travelers head for the Città Alta immediately. The main attractions are the Piazza Vecchia with its Renaissance buildings such as the Biblioteca Civica (1594) and the Palazzo della Ragione (1199). The Piazza del Duomo is just around the corner; the Duomo is well worth a visit and has a wonderful marble facade.

There are a few other churches worth seeing such as the San Michele (13-th century) and the Sant'Andrea. The Porta Sant'Agostino is the main gate, built in the 16-th century to defend the city. Another interesting gate is the San Giacomo gate.


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