Beaches in Lombardia

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Settled in Italy’s northern borders, flanked to Switzerland and the mountains of Bernina, are Lombardia beaches. Though lacking the common perception of seaside shores and massive waves, this collection of lakes and small coves still offers spectacular scenery. And no journey to Lombardia would be complete without experiencing them.

Lake Garda

Magnificent Lake Garda rests along the Verona countryside. Formed by the swells of glaciers long ago, Garda is carved now to rugged coasts and mountain terrains. Guests will enjoy a scattering of small towns and resorts, each with a wide variety of local charms. And, sailing enthusiasts will find much to celebrate here as well; temperate weather and slow waves mark this location ideal. Visitors should note, however, that summer brings thousands of tourists, forcing much planning and even more frustration. Autumn travel is recommended instead. If that is not possible, reservations should be made (at least) two months in advance.

Lake Como

Of all Lombardia beaches, there is nothing more famed than Lake Como. Sprawling out from its namesake village, it offers guests an abundance of activities and sights. The third largest lake in all of Italy (and one of the deepest in Europe), it’s perfect for sailing and surfing, with the surrounding hillsides dotted to archaeological sites and hiking paths. It’s the ultimate family retreat. It is suggested not to visit the lake during May, however. Climate changes and heavy storms mark that month unworthy. Vacations should instead schedule visits toward the summer's end to ensure better weather.

Lake Iseo

Settled in Lombardia’s eastern valley is Lake Iseo: a circle of rocky coasts and impressive forests. Though less renowned than other destinations (it is often overshadowed by the nearby cities of Bergamo and Treviglio), it is no less a viable alternative to the surrounding industry. Offering geological attractions--such as the island of Isola and the unexpected pyramids of Marone (which are stones that have eroded over time to resemble Egyptian designs) and a wealth of sports--Iseo is ideal for those who prefer solace. Few travelers venture here and the shores will be empty. For some, this is a true vacation. All should be aware, however, that the attractions beyond Iseo must be reached by ferry. The isolation of the lake is both its greatest advantage and its greatest downfall. Scheduling all events will be essential.

All Lombardia beaches provide peerless scenery and one-of-a-kind distractions. Those wishing to discover Italy will not be disappointed.

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