Ventimiglia Travel Guide

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The beach in Ventimiglia

The beach in Ventimiglia

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The Ventimiglia of today is composed of the upper town of medieval origin, built on the top of the "Cavo" hill, and of the new lower town in the alluvial plain between the river Roja and the torrent Nervia, where the ancient Ligurian people Intemelii and then the Romans once settled.

The Ventimiglia region is very various from a geographical and a climatical point of view. The valley of the Roja, the only river of the Imperia region running nevertheless mostly in France, is characterized by steep and deep gorges rich in woods and small lakes, studded with few but picturesque mountain villages; the coast westwards between the mouth of the Roja and the French border near Mentone, on the contrary, has a typical mediterranean vegetation and offers such an exceptionally mild climate that it favoured in the last century the creation of the acclimatization park of Sights.

The extreme western strip of the coast is famous for the presence of the Balzi Rossi caves, imposing cliffs sheer to the sea characterized by the typical reddish colour where prehistoric man found a shelter for milleniums, leaving many evidences of his presence.


Ventimiglia is located in Liguria in Italy and you can discover a little bit about this city in this Ventimiglia travel guide. Ventimiglia is right on the Gulf of Genoa and is but a short train ride from the city of Genoa. The town is separated into two parts by the Roia River.

Brief History

This area was the main capital for a Ligurian tribe that resisted the Romans until 115 B.C. when the city was sacked. It is quite ancient and many battles have been fought over the city. At one point in time it was its own independent city and frequently fought with the nearby Republic of Genoa.

Main Sights

You can visit the remains of a Roman theater and many other historic buildings. There are many tombs in the eastern part of the town as well as traces of the ancient city walls. The ruins of the ancient capital can be seen to the east of the town. The Balzi Rossi caves contain a family of Cro-Magnon men as well as many human skeletons.

The current Romanesque cathedral is quite magnificent and built on the site of the older Lombard temple. The municipal library in town has one of the largest collections of books and manuscripts written in Italy during the 17th century. The Hanbury Botanic Gardens are quite spectacular and one of the largest botanic gardens in Europe.

Great Food

As with anything in Italy and nearby France, the food is excellent. Pasta e Basta allows you to choose your pasta and choose your sauce.  Ristorante Gimma offers authentic Ligurian cuisine. Il Giardino del Gusto is a lovely and quaint restaurant with fantastic food. It offers traditional southern Italian meals.

Where to Stay

There are many excellent hotel choices as you are right on the French Riviera. Hotel Sole Mare is right near the center of the city and right on the sea coast. Most rooms have a balcony and sea view. The Suitehotel Residence Kaly is another option as the rooms are clean, comfortable and right on the coast. Another top recommended hotel is La Riserva di Castel d’Appio. This hotel is found at the foothills between the Alps and the sea.

Some Shopping Suggestions

There are several great shopping spots and you can be sure to have an adventure exploring the markets and shops. This is a great spot for bargain hunters. You can find great wine, cigars, cigarettes, clothes, bags and much more. There are street markets and shops for casual shopping available. Just take a walk down the street and see what you can find.


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