Torsero park Travel Guide

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The Torsero Park, Natural Regional Reserve is quite small but notwhistanding very nice and full of suggestions. It is not generally known by the normal visitors but it is very famous around Europe among all fossiles experts. The Torsero River Park is about 1.5 km from Ceriale and is 70 m above sea level. The Park is about 1 Sq Km large and it takes the name from the river which has exacavated the nearby rock strata, and creating so some vertical walls of about 200 feet high. The presence of marine deposits with shells (of the Terabratula genre) can go back to ancient age where the sea was up to this part of the village.

The importance of this area dates back to 800 and since then many regular and irregular excavations where carried out and finally the area had to be protected with a fence. The place is really worth a visit - there is also a museum nearby - because it is really very interesting and the people in charge of the park are really experts and very kind to all visitors.

Enrico Pelos, Liguria editor,, Genoa, Italy.

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