Sestri Levante Travel Guide

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Sestri Levante in November

Sestri Levante in November


A good Sestri Levante travel guide will help you get around this small town in Liguria, Italy. Sestri Levante is considered a small and rustic fishing village that is slowly developing into a favorite tourist destination in Italy.

Very Accessible

Sestri Levante is accessible by land, air and sea, and getting in and around the entire town is easy thanks to the networks of well-paved roads that take you to the different attractions in town. You can tour the entire place by just walking or you can take the shuttle bus (Volabus) that stops at different locations of the town, in order to reach your destination faster.

The Perfect Get-away for the Family

The quaint fishing village of Sestri Levante is a hotspot for all types of tourists. Young and old alike will definitely enjoy the sea breeze, shopping havens, and the various attractions of the town.  It is also a perfect place for the whole family to unwind and bond with each other.

A Good Place to Unwind and Relax

There are a lot of cozy places where you can stay here. The cost of accommodation in Sestri Levante ranges from $80 to $200, depending on the hotel where you are going to stay. A nice place to stay is the Grand Hotel Villa Balbi, which overlooks the entire Mediterranean Sea. The good thing about Sestri Levante is that there are a lot of hotels in the town where you can stay.

A Haven for Shoppers

Sestri Levante has a lot of shops that sell high-ticket items like elegant glassware and designer clothes. Due to the presence of numerous shops, the streets of this town are usually jam-packed during the weekends, since it is frequented by not only tourists, but also locals from neighboring towns. If you plan to do a shopping expedition in Sestri Levant, be sure to wear a good pair of shoes, since you will be visiting a lot of stores.

A Scenic Place

For those who do not know it yet, Sestri Levant is called the “Bay of Fairy Tales” because of the fact that Hans Christian Andersen lived in this small town. Not only that, the place is also filled with lots of scenic places overlooking the wide expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Tourist attractions that you need to visit are the Palazzo Negretto Cambiaso and the Palazzo Comunale, which are historic landmarks or buildings in Sestri Levante.


Sestri Levante is a beautiful little town found approximately halfway between Genoa and La Spezia . While Portofino and the Cinque Terre are probably the most well known tourist destinations on the Italian Riviera, Sestri Levante is becoming quite a favorite among Italians. In fact, in the past few years it has become almost impossible to walk in town on the weekends. The narrow streets are packed with people that come for a weekend stroll and stop leisurely check out the trendy shop windows or to get an ice cream or piece of focaccia. This once quiet fishing village is slowly turning into a tourist hotspot.

The original part of Sestri Levante is actually on a peninsula, with the beautiful Baia del Silenzio (also known as "Portobello") on one side and Baia delle Favole on the other. “Baia delle Favole” or “Bay of Fairy Tales” was named in honor of Hans Christian Andersen, who lived in Sestri for a short time.



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