Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena Travel Guide

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A medieval town in the valley of the Neva, on the southern slopes of the Rocca Barbena (1142 meters or 3747 feet). An important fief of the marchesi di Clavesana (twelfth-thirteenth century), it lost its significance after the foundation of Zuccarello, under whose jurisdiction it was placed. Acquired by the house of Savoy in 1623, it was then besieged and conquered by Genoa (1672). The settlement is dominated by the castle of the Clavesana, restored by the owners. The open space beneath the entrance to the manor offers a superb view of the town and valley. The parish church of the Assunta, with a campanile decorated with little arches, is a seventeenth-century reconstruction of a preexisting building. The town has a suggestive medieval appearance, with its fortified houses, whose style has been scrupulously respected by the recent renovations, and dwellings with domed roofs, terraces on the upper floors and parapets used to collect rainwater. The ovens and their chimneys are characteristic features. It is a traditional destination for excursions by tourists staying on the Riviera.
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