Arnasco Travel Guide

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Set on the right side of the Neva valley, Arnasco’s fortunes were bound up with those of Albenga and in the thirteenth century the territory was divided between the Cazzulini of Albenga and the Del Carretto of Balestrino. Included in the imperial fiefs, it was annexed to the kingdom of Sardinia in 1735. The palace of the Cazzulini, at Villa Bezzo, dates from the thirteenth-fourteenth century, but has undergone subsequent alterations. In the hamlet of Chiesa, located halfway up the right-hand side of the valley, can be seen the ruins of the medieval castle of the Del Carretto family. Agriculture (olives, vegetables and fruit) retains considerable economic importance, but the raising of dairy cattle and timber production also play a part. It offers modest hotel accommodation, in an agrarian setting characterized by olive groves and vineyards.
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