People in Liguria

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Liguria had very important people both in ancient and modern times. It would be very hard to speak about them all and so we just name and higlight some of them asking the others to forgive. Christopher Columbus is surely the most famous (Unfortunately the Ancient Genoa Republic which lent money every where in Europe did not trust that simple man called ... what?is..Christopher Columbus? Who is he? And his strange ideas about this new continents. The Spanish Crown did it. History could not be changed, otherwise, if our Ancient Republic would have been wiser ...nowadays... all South American continent would probably be speaking Genoise....)

But there was also Andrea Doria the clever and powerful Admiral of the Republic, member of one of the ancient families who still has important descendants in Genoa nowadays. Giuseppe Garibaldi the 2 Worlds heroe, Giuseppe Mazzini one of the Italian Unification architect, Nino Bixio one of the "1000" to start to fight for the Italian unification, Goffredo Mameli the author of the national hymn, Nicolò Paganini the most famous violinist of all times.

Coming down to nowadays: Eugenio Montale was born in Genoa, he won the Nobel Literature Prize with poems composed along the typical Ligurian villages of The 5 Lands along the coast, nominated Human Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Fabrizio De Andrè probably the best Italian songwriter, Renzo Piano one of the most famous architect in the world. He is the one that redesigned the Genoa Expo Area in 1992.

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