Paradise Gulf Travel Guide

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Afresco of luminous colours, a mild climate throughout the year, an Eden of olive trees, cluster pines, salty coloured ancient towns and then: the sea. A fantastic world just around the corner: its name, already quite a programme, Paradise Gulf, spreads out just thirty minutes from the centre of Genoa, the great seaport which offers ideal connections with its modern and well equipped air terminal, trains, the new cruiseship terminal, the motorway (and the exit at Recco leads straight to the heart of the gulf).

But then, in the end, the right key for Paradise Gulf is the "dear old" via Aurelia which, with its winding and sometimes steep course, reads amidst the rugged mountain scenery the tale of a land which, with typical Ligurian reservedness, gradually opens up to the observer's view. The spectacle is immediate: already beyond Nervi, well-known for its parks full of flowers, its splendid villas, the picturesque harbour and the International Ballet Festival, the road proceeds, in the vicinity of Bogliasco, through the dense greenery of the Mediterranean maquis from which, here and there, peep groups of palms; the Pieve landscape is gentle and full of flowers, a triumph of mimosa blooms, a hint of spring which ideally continues throughout the year in the splendid flower reality of this land of a thousand hues contrasted by the coarse charm of cliffs rising sheer from the sea.

After Sori and Recco appears sea dazzled climb to Ruta even though the primary importance is still due to nature. to the greenery of the plants, the colours of the flowers which never will give way to the harsh grey of the cliffs. But not always has rock a heart of stone: there already, in the vicinity of Mulinetti, it spreads in the sun freshened by the waves of the sea. An Invitation not to be declined in the many fine days of Paradise Gulf; first a nice bathe and then the dozy relaxation of a nap in the sun.

In addition to the white outline the cliffs, we meet picturesque Sori, not for nothing the homeland of Picasso's forefathers. Its marine coloured houses are all set around the beach. It is an invitation to bathe, to take a walk, to spend an evening at a "trattoria". Camogli presents itself with its lu minous and proud buildings, its castle which today houses an interesting aquarium: its harbour is a heart of the sea curled up like a cat dozing near the fishing nets which, perhaps, the fishermen have just mended.

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