When to Go in Genoa

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Consider the Weather Conditions When Planning a Trip to Genoa

When considering a trip to Genoa, when to go depends almost entirely on your preference, as the city is popular not with its beaches, but with its historical sights, and the weather is very suitable for seeing these sights both in the summer and in the winter. Genoa has a Mediterranean climate with oceanic influences. This results in warm summers and mild winters. Here are some more details on both seasons in order for you to decide exactly when to go to the city.


Genoa has really pleasant summers. Days are long, with an average of 10 daylight hours per day. Temperatures hold steady values both during the day and during the night, with differences of less than 5 degrees, which makes evenings especially suitable for having a night out. Hottest months are August and July with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit). The mildest month is May, with temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius (almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit). You might want to carry light clothing if you are visiting in summer.


Winter starts late in Genoa, with summer temperatures sometimes holding their levels up to the end of October. Snowing is almost impossible, as temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). The city gets really windy in the winter, with cool northern winds blowing from central and northern Europe. The coolest month is January, when temperatures drop down to 8 degrees Celsius (46.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Carry a sweater to keep yourself warm.

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