Travel Guide in Genoa

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While traveling to this splendid city our Genoa Travel Guide will give you some basic information that can help you make important decisions. The city is a great place to visit and its seacoast location offers many activities and attractions for you to enjoy. Over the years it has been a favorite city to explore both for native Italians and visitors alike. One major benefit of the city is that no matter what type of income you make there is a way for you to have a wonderful time here in Genoa.


Getting here is rather easy, you can fly in from various European cities like Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and London. The Cristoforo Colombo Airport is only 6 km away from the city center. Or you may want to take a train here from places such as Milan, La Spezia or Pisa. It would also be possible to get here by car. If you enjoy traveling on the water you have the opportunity to take a ferry from the following areas; Sardinia, Sicily, Spain and Tunisia. Finally there are several cruise lines that have Genoa on their itineraries to dock here. MSC and American Holland lines are two such cruise lines.


What time of the year you decide to come could very well be determined by what type of weather you enjoy. Genoa enjoys a very nice semi-tropical climate setting which gives the city favorable conditions all throughout the year. The winters are real mild yet they only have four to five hours a day of sunshine. The temperature in the winter is around 10 degrees C as an average. It rains mostly during the months of October and November. The summers here get to be a little hot ranging upward to 35 degrees C in August but it is a dry heat. The winds of the sea help keep it somewhat cool at night. The daylight hours tend to be 10 to 11 hours a day.


Since Genoa is such a highly traffic city for tourism there will be no problem for you to get the proper hotel that will meet your needs while staying in your budget realm. Genoa has some real exceptionally luxurious hotels like the Bristol Palace Hotel. Or if you are on a tight budget a decent room at the Best Western can be reserved. What is amazing is that there are over 100 other hotels in between both extremes, eager to for you to use them.

Activities and Attractions

While you are here you have to go out on a shopping trip. The Via Roma is just filled with shops and boutiques that have all sorts of high or low end labeled merchandise. A great attraction to see, especially if you have your children with you, is the Genoa Aquarium. The Galleria di Palazzo Roma is the best known art gallery in Genoa and is a fantastic place to enjoy. If you like to party Genoa is the place to be. Bars like the Hemingway's Bar draw locals and tourist alike. No matter what interests you, there are many things for you to do in Genoa.






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