Top 5 Must Do's in Genoa

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Genoa Must Do’s can be a fairly lengthy list, and to compress it in about five things, is a tough decision. Genoa, is the home of Christopher Columbus who accidentally discovered the New World while trying to find a sea route to India. Also known as La Superba because of its glorious history, Genoa is truly a great historical city covering nearly 2500 years of history. This was also the place where Garibaldi started his campaign to unify Italy. So in a nut shell, there is a lot to see, but let us start with the five best.

1. Lanterna di Genova

You have to start with the symbol of Genoa. When people see this lighthouse, they see Genoa. It is built on what was earlier Promotorio Hill, a rock quarry which was used to get stone to build the city. Quite fittingly, the lighthouse which stands for the city is built in the same place. It is however not the first lighthouse built here. It was built in 1543 in place of an earlier lighthouse. Its light is visible over 30 miles away. Legend has it that the architect was murdered so that he could not replicate such a beautiful lighthouse anywhere else. That may or may not be true, but its beauty is certainly unique. It is 120 meters tall and from the top you can see the entire port along with the bay.

2. Acquario di Genova

This is an aquarium built on a ship. It has 48 basins with four oceanic basins and two viewing levels. Each of these basins replicates the appropriate coastal atmosphere. It has 500 different species and the collection ranges from fish to birds along with reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Even if you are not into marine biology, this is a great experience and should not be missed.

3. Passeggiata di Nervi

This is a little hike which goes through a trail that has been carved in the rock. It is like a little route through the port of Nervi. You can see some beautiful houses and some spectacular villas. You will also get some amazing views of the Eastern Riviera. You don’t have to worry about becoming thirsty or hungry during the hike because you have ice cream vendors, bars, and restaurants all along the route.

4. Piazza Fontane Marose

This is a square which is located right next to the historic center. If you want to see a bunch of really interesting historical buildings from one place this is the place to be. They include the Palazzo Spinola "dei Marmi" and the Palazzo Negrone Palazzo Pallavicino.

5. Abbazia di S.Siro di Struppa

This Abbey is nearly 1000 years old, packs a lot of history and is an example of a Romanesque Genoan church from the time of the Holy Roman Empire. This was built in the birthplace of the first Bishop of Genoa and is built entirely of stone. It also has an amazing bell tower. `

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