Shopping in Genoa

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Since Genoa is the center of commerce in the Liguria Valley, you will find that many opportunities for Genoa shopping. Genoa is a seaport city and is therefore a major travel route for all kinds of merchandise imports. Plus, they make a fair number of items here, right in Genoa, that you will find in the marketplace. The types of merchandise vary from top brands all the way to more affordable brands. It is easy to plan for your shopping day because each section or streets usually specializes in a specific type or economic level of merchandise.

Via Soziglia

This medieval style district is where you can find quaint shops lining the streets just like centuries before. If you are looking to purchase handmade items, this is where you want to go. The shops here sell merchandise like ceramic pottery, hand carved olive wood items and beautiful handmade lace. You will also see some expertisely made silver and gold jewelery, the best in the Riviera area.

Via San Luca

You will find clothing that has its styles more likely to favor the Italian trendy side of the clothing market. The alleyways in this area of Genoa once again favor the old-style manner of selling, using small shops and boutiques. You can also find high quality Italian shoes here at remarkable prices. This is a great privilege since Italians are very professional in their shoe making.

Via Luccoli and Via Settembre
If you are in the mood to spend large sums of money on all the newest in clothing labels and accessories, this the place you want to visit. The opportunities here for buying high-end merchandise is plentiful. All of Italy's latest fashions are on display here for the rich. Plus, you can also get in a few internationally known labels. It is no wonder why Via Settembre is also known as 'Via Venti', a very expensive street.

Via Caffe

These shops are the places where you can find high-end clothing and accessories at a reduced rate. The fun is in trying to find the right store where the prices are the lowest. The nice aspect of this kind of shopping is that in addition to all the fun it provides, many places always have something for sale.

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