Finale valley Travel Guide

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In this interesting place are situated Finale Marina, Final Pia, Finalborgo and other nice small nearby villages, and the whole complex is some of the best vacation resorts of Liguria. Behind Fianle you see the Castel Gavone which is within a few minutes slope walk and with the unique Torre dei Diamanti, the principal stronghold of ancient powerful Del Carretto family . The area - which is going to be put under protection of the future Volcanoes national park - is very interesting and rich of caves once inhabited by prehistoric human beings. Under the Roman this was a very important passage and remains are still well preserved as the bridges built in the Val Ponci along the Via Julia Augusta. To be seen The Museum located in the now completely restored Dominican monastery of Santa Caterina. Finale Ligure was a problem for the republic of Genoa which had here the interruption of its trade and territorial continuity in this part of the region. Various disputes led to open war in 1447 and the residence of the Del Carretto, was put down to the ground. The area went then under the Spanish crown in 1598 to be to again with the republic of Genoa in 1713.

Composed of different centers, life here has developed in a unified form since the early Middle Ages, as testified by the surviving architecture of many churches like the important church of Nostra Signora di Pia with its Gothic campanile and like the St. Anthony church in Perti. Calice and Rialto are other villages with important churches and vineyards. To be also seen the small but famous Five campaniles church immersed in olive trees in the Aquila valley just along the Via Julia. The place is also well renown among experts in all Europe for the astonishing rock walls for climbing. Typical Ligurian food all around like fish soup with Pigato or Rossese wine. Do not forget to buy the renown genuine products like honey, prepared at Nostra Signora di Pia church.

Enrico Pelos, Liguria editor,, Genoa, Italy.

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