Diano Marina Travel Guide

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Following is a Diano Marina travel guide that will help travelers to make the most of their stay in this Italian commune.

Diano Marina is a small municipality in the Italian region, Liguria . Located in the Province of Imperia , Diano Marina is about 5 km to the northeast of Imperia and around 90 km from Genoa . This municipality is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and this makes it a popular beach destination among tourists. Diano Marina is made up of different hamlets and villages. These include Diano Serreta, Diano san Pierto, Diano Calderina, Borgata Muratori and Diano Gorleri.


Not many are aware of this, but Diano Marina has a long history and was once a major village in the pre-historic times. The municipality has Roman roots and that’s where it gets its name from. Olive cultivation became important for the town and after developing a fleet, it soon became a commercial center for trading olive oil. But the coast was repeatedly attacked by pirates in the Middle Ages. There are still some remains from this time that tourists can visit in Diano Marina. In the 19 th century, an earthquake destroyed Diano Marina and few other towns with it. Taking the example of other coastal towns that were catering to tourists, residents of Diano Marina rebuilt the municipality with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and a seafront promenade lined with palms.


Diano Marina has attractions for tourists of all ages, making it an ideal holiday destination for families. This Italian municipality is best known for its beautiful sun kissed beaches and warm blue Mediterranean waters. Adventurous visitors can enjoy a range of watersports or trek through the wonderful natural surroundings in Diano Marina. Art and history lovers will not be disappointed either as Diano Marina boasts of churches, monuments and works of art that date back to the Baroque period, Renaissance and Middle Ages. There are also numerous bars, restaurants, clubs and shops that offer tourists an ideal break from activities. Tourists visiting Diano Marina should witness the Infiorata del Corpus Domini festival which generally takes place in June. During this time, flower petals are put all over the roads to create colorful and beautiful drawings.


The municipality’s popularity as a beach destination has increased considerably over the years. Due to this, it offers tourists a wide range of accommodations. There are several budget, mid-range and luxury hotels and resorts tourists can choose from when visiting this beach destination. Tourists can also choose from self catering villas and apartments, depending on their budget and preferences. Hotels and resorts are equipped with pools, air conditioned rooms and other amenities that can make vacations in Diano Marina enjoyable.


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