Celle Ligure Travel Guide

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Hotel Adriana Celle Ligure

Hotel Adriana Celle Ligure

Elia Canepa

The bay included between Cape Celle and Cape Olmo is characterized by a rather modest but sandy beach, which favoures an excellent summer tourism. The high grounds sheer to the coast are covered with a thick vegetation, prevalently composed of cluster-pines.

The town, which hugs the coast along the Via Aurelia (which dates from Roman times) is divided into two sections - Celle Piani, to the east, which contains mainly modern apartment blocks and hotels, and Celle "village" which is the oldest and most attractive part.

Many years ago, steam trains ran along the coast, until the high speed line was built further inland. The area where the tracks lay, and some of the tunnels, have been turned into an attractive pedestrianised promenade. Although cars have access across the narrow cobbled streets for some of the day, it is mainly car free.

The narrow lanes are filled with a mixture of food, gift and boutique shops - the latter being priced from costly to astronomical. There are a number of restaurants where al fresco dining is possible, but keep in mind, on a popular evening, you could be surrounded by people out for their evening stroll.

Celle describes itself as "The City of Children" and there are a couple of parks and children's show along the promenade during the summer evenings. The large area around the promenade is usually traffic free, and local businesses are usually child friendly. Clearly, no town is completely safe and children should be supervised at all times, but in the evening it is not unusual to see groups of teenagers walking around quite happily until late.

The beaches, as is almost always the case in Italy, are "pay-as-you-go." There is a small free beach, but this is usually crowded. Most "franchised beaches will allow you to pay entry for the day, week, or month. Unless you are visiting friends already at the beach, you would ne expected to hire deck-chairs and an umbrella as well.

Accomodation can be expensive. Over recent years Celle has begun to lose custom. Cheaper deals are to be had elswhere. Pay for a decent hotel, dinner out, and entry to a beach and cruising suddenly becomes a possible alternative! However, if you want to experience a real "all-Italian" resort, with absolutely no concessions made to foreign visitors - because there are none - then Celle might be for you!

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