Liguria Travel Guide

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Genoa Harbour

Genoa Harbour


Liguria is located in the north of Italy, between the French Riviera, Piemonte and Tuscany. Ligurian sea, mild weather, sceneries and good food are well known worldwide. This is the land of the ancient Ligurians. They founded towns here before the romans. Their home land was from the now Tuscany border down to south of France. Along its coasts arrived people from north countries like vikings and from the south like the saracens. The inland is full of history and places to visit and enjoy due to powerful Ligurians and Genoese families which used to travel and trade all over the world and build castles and mantion houses which now, in many cases, are nice hotels and good restaurants. It was really here, along the Ligurian coasts and its villages that some English gentlemen started to discover travelling and how to be a tourist. And in this respect this is really the place to enjoy for every type of tourist: from exclusive places like Portofino or Sanremo to really nice campings along its sandy coastal beaches, to the wonderful mountains sceneries with ancient typical villages.

Liguria has 4 Provinces: Genoa, Savona, Imperia and La Spezia.

All these are along the sea and along the coast and they form with all other important villages and towns the Ligurian Italian Riviera. These provinces have also an important and interesting inland and other important parts of the region are to be found in many of the nearby coastal valleys like in the Nervia valley, the Argentine valley, the Impero valley, the Arroscia valley, the Pennavaire valley, The Finale valley, the Scrivia valley, the Fontanabuona valley, the Vara valley, and the Magra valley, ending up as ideal border to the nearby regions up to the trekking. Some are now part of the Ligurie, parks where interesting activities and sports can be carried out.

Genoa the most important town in Liguria, is the Land of Christopher Columbus and it has been appointed Cultural Capital for the year 2004 by the European Commission.

Liguria is also an important region of comunication and Pilgrims ways of all kinds on the way from from the nearby countries and going down to other part of of Italy.

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