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Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana


Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa)

Hadrian's Villa is less of a villa than a small city.  It was the retreat of the Emperor Hadrian and his private architectural experiment.  The ruins are spectacular, housing two bath complexes, theaters, lakes, palaces....  Everything is in an appealing state of decay, with the green of the plantlife contrasting beautifully with the stone and brick.

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Villa d'Este

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Gardens from Villa d'Este
Gardens from Villa d'Este
photo by: davidx


Unlike Hadrian’s Villa, the Villa d’Este is right in the middle of Tivoli, about a quarter-hour's walk from the station.  It is the gardens that really scream for attention here: descending great flights of steps – and of course ascending again – but, for those that find this daunting, there is a splendid view from the building itself.

It is unfortunate that the fountains weren’t working when the photo was taken, but you can see some in action if you take a look at the pics on more..

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