Castello Sant'Angelo

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Castello S. Angelo

Castello S. Angelo


When you cross the Tiber River on the imposing Angel's Bridge which was built together with the Castle S. Angelo in 130 A.D. by the emperor Hadrian, who wanted to erect the most beautiful emperor grave. After Hadrian all the following emperors and princes have been burried in this mausoleum.

In 403 it has been strongly fortified and connected with the town wall, so that it became a real fortress. The transformation into a castle was in the 10th century and it has been connected with the Vatican by the Passetto in 1277. Since that time on it has always been in the hand of the popes. The bridge connecting the castle and city center is now mostly known for the baroque statues of angels by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The angels are portrayed holding objects from the passion of christ. They are joined by statues of Peter and Paul, which are not by Bernini and predate the angels by hundreds of years.  

The castle has since been given back to the people of Rome and is a public museum. It hoasts a series of spectacular interiors and a magnificent view of Vatican City from the roof.

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