Area Sacra dell' Argentina

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It was here in Torre Argentina, the year 44 BC, that one of the most illustrious dictators was stabbed by his rival Brutus. Almost 20 centuries have passed since then, but Caesar's spirit surely lives on in some of the aristocratic cats who rule over their temples with vengeance and pride. 1929 was the year the sacred area of Torre Argentina was excavated. This was also the year the history of the cats began. Stray and abandoned felines took refuge in the protected area below street level. From 1929 until 1993, the cats were more or less regularly fed by a succession of cat ladies or 'gattare' as they are called condescendingly by the Romans. Here at Torre Argentina our feline friends (which now number approximately 250) have found respite from the chaos and traffic amongst the oldest temples in Rome (400-300 BC). Volunteers from different countries, who created the shelter, work here seven days a week. Read more about the Roman cats on our website:
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address:Largo di Torre Argentina
openinghours: Catsanctuary, every day from 11 am to 7 pm ( roman time)
tel:( +39) 06-687-2133

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