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Wonderfull cocktails, great athmosphere.

I found a really great Mojito cocktail...but don't loose the over 30 diffrent type of tea. In Trastevere is the best tea room and one of the best cocktail & tea room of Rome!!!

Great cocktails. really great cocktail as Mojito or Margarita. And I tasted the's OK!! As tea house is not bad, but nothig to do with the cocktail!!

If you are looking for a nice tea house in Rome, well Trastè is your place!!You can choose from over 30 diffrent tea (normal one as green tea or apple tea or china black tea, or taste one really special as Lapsang tea or Ooolong tea..I suppose is the right name!!) the atmosphere is really nice, the music is chill out and if you are searching for a relaxing place just try one of the tea in this really special tea house of Rome!!  

type:Wine bars
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address:Via della Lungaretta, 76
tel:06 5894430

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