Club 84

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Puttane! Club 84 clients be ware of the activities. This club pulls you in with its appearancee. Before you know it there are ladies of the evening that have targeted you as you enter. Soon after you settle in, you are overwhelmed by the agressiveness of the prostitutes. Before you can take a breath and understand what is happening, they order $350 bottles of champagne on your tab. Now its too late. Once you realize that they have run up a $500 tab your in too deep. Guido now wants to get paid or at least get his pound of flesh. Your getting this from an experience I recently had. I didn't go for the ladies, I just wentin for a beer. When I exited, I had to pay for a $500 tab or risk the alternative injury. A very dangerous place for the uninformed. I wish someone warned me.
type:Discos & Clubs
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address:Via Emilia 84

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