Family Travel Ideas in Rome

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If you have decided on traveling to Rome with your family, rest assured you have made a wise decision as there cannot be a better place to enjoy a memorable holiday. Rome is indeed a picturesque destination with rich history, and if you and your family want a fun-filled and exciting holiday, do not look beyond Rome.

Hotel and Sightseeing in Rome

Finding a suitable low-cost hotel for a family can be somewhat daunting. Hotels in Rome seldom have commodious rooms to accommodate a family of four and extra beds can be prohibitively costly. You have to do a bit of pre-planning and choose the right hotel to reserve accommodation in advance.

If you are traveling as part of a group, it will be an exotic experience to stay near the beach. The beach hotels are economical and offer large space for families visiting Rome.  From the beach hotels, there are plenty of public transport facilities available to all parts of Rome.

Rome is quite hot for most part of the year and it will be perfectly acceptable to go around in casual wear. Of course, one has to be somewhat cautious while walking as many streets in Rome have awkwardly built pavement sidewalks and streets.

Food Options

Avoid going to large restaurants as food will be quite costly. Instead opt for the modest cafeterias ubiquitously found at street corners where the food will be reasonably good and rates affordable. Rome is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists and holiday-makers around the world. Intelligent travelers strike a fine balance between the bustle and din of Rome with the leisurely pace of the countryside. 

Going around the large area of Lazio that surrounds Rome is a fascinating experience. Lazio covers the provinces of Rome, Rieti, Viterbo, Latina and Frosinone – all of which boast of rich historical and cultural values. Don't miss seeing the amazing volcanic lakes, the majestic mountains, the alluring coastline with sand dunes all around and the thick hinterland. 

Rome has a plethora of attractions and you can't afford to miss any of them. Visit the time-honored Colosseum; the arena where several historic gladiator battles were fought. Pause in front of the renowned Saint Peter's Square and become part of that stately structure. Lose yourself in witnessing Michelangelo's work inside the Sistine Chapel and make it a point to see his Pietà housed in St. Peter’s Bascilla.

The Vatican City

No trip to Italy can be deemed complete without a visit to the Vatican City - the famed seat of the Catholic religion where the Pope stays. St. Peter's Square is another location through which visitors can make an entry to the Vatican City. It will be a wonderful experience to walk across the bridge of Ponte St. Angelo over which Rome is located.  

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