Budget Travel Ideas in Rome

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Ah, Roma. In ancient metropolis its easy to run the gamut between exceeding luxury and shoestring sightseeing. Sure, there's haute-couture boutiques and luxury villas, but the real spirit of Rome is in vivacious Vespa-swarmed streets. Which is good news for the budget-minded.

Budget-Friendly Sites

Many of Rome's top attractions can be enjoyed without spending a single euro. Piazzas are hot-beds of Roman culture, and you can peruse them for free. Piazza San Pietro draws millions every year, but most don't know about the free Basilica tours given by missionaries on weekdays. Piazza del Popolo is home to admission-free Santa Maria del Popolo, boasting works by great Italian artists. You can wander the narrow alleys of the Trastevere neighborhood for hours, soaking in the Medieval ambiance, or you can visit the old Jewish Ghetto for a fascinating look into history. The famed Colosseum charges an admission fee, but you can skip it (and the hour-long lines) and still get great views by circling the perimeter; nearby Arco di Constantino can similarly be enjoyed for free. The illuminated Trevi Fountain makes for a great, if crowded, place to hang out and eat gelato. The gardens of Villa Borghese make for restful strolling.

Cheap Italian Eateries

Rome is known for melt-in-your-mouth pastas, and you can feast with the best of them while on a budget. Simple, family-owned restaurants like L'Archetto, Armando al Pantheon and Tre Pupazzi serve traditional fare in relaxed, cozy settings. Da Augusto gives you an authentic trattoria experience, while Alle Carrette draws a young, hip crowd.

Budget Accomodations

Finding a budget-friendly place to lay your head at night can be challenging in Rome, but a couple good options serve as god-sends. Hotel Des Artistes offers perhaps the best value, while Caprice offers a slew of amenities, including a free breakfast. Hotel Borromeo provides classic comfort near the Colosseum. Slightly higher-end, Homs and Parlamento boast central locations for surprising value. There are also plenty of hostels in Rome, though historical buildings mean they are especially cramped.

Roman Nightlife

Rome comes alive at night, so don't feel like you need to empty your wallet at swanky clubs to have a little fun. Piazzas are filled with Romans and tourists alike, the Spanish Steps littered with flirting teenagers, and the narrow alleys populated with alfresco diners well into the evening. Stroll the streets and experience the Dolce Vita.

Rome Bike Tours

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