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The Lazio region of Italy is most popular for playing host to one of most popular cities on Earth, Rome. Lazio is considered the dividing point between North and South Italy. When most people think of Rome, the idea of beaches doesn't usually come to mind, however Rome is only about 30 minutes from some wonderful beaches within the Lazio Region. Lazio is home to mostly mountains, and hills, but the Lazio coast is also home to some very beautiful sandy beaches.

Ostia Beach

Ostia Beach is considered Rome's most popular and most crowded beach, probably because it is the closest. Conveniently located approximately 30 minutes outside of Rome, Ostia beach is accessible by train and subway, and the views from the train are also worth noting. There is a free public beach in Ostia called Castel Porziano that is surrounded by sand dunes, and is more for the serious sunbathers and beach lovers. Castel Porziano is all beach, not much else in terms of any services, but is a great quiet spot to get away from the city. Gambrius within Ostia beach is considered one of the nicest beaches, and there is an admission charge to use the facilities here. At Gambrius you are paying for changing rooms, towels, umbrellas, sun chairs, so the price will vary depending on what you want out of your beach experience.


Anzio is roughly about an hour from Rome's city center, and like Ostia, is very easily accessibly by train for a mere 3 euro round trip. Anzio is considered more to be a port city or fishing village, and was made famous by it's Allied Forces military landing spot in World War II. Anzio is a quaint little port village that offers many great restaurants, seaside resorts, and shops. The actual beach in Anzio is relatively small, and is divided into a small free area, and a bigger private area that charges admission. The beach itself if flanked by a gorgeous rocky landscape fully equipped with Roman ruins.


Nettuno is the Italian translation of Neptune, therefor meaning that Nettuno was name after the Roman God of the sea, Neptune. Nettuno is located a little over an hour outside of Rome, and is also accessible by the metro. The town of Nettuno is Medieval in appearance, was founded in the 9th century, and is surprisingly well preserved. The beaches in Nettuno are very well manicured, and are mostly private. Nettuno offers many great seaside hotel properties that offer their beachfront to it's guest at no additional charge. Nettuno is also widely famous for being a landing spot for the Allied Forces during WWII, and today is very popular for its relaxing seaside atmosphere and entertaining nightlife.

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Beautiful beach located 45 minutes from the centre of Rome. Black sands. 5-10 minute walk from train station (Ladispoli). 22 euros for 2 sun loungers and a parasol all day. Not too busy. Plenty places to eat round about. Would highly recommend!

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