Things to do in Civitavecchia

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Civitavecchia is the main seaport of the province of Rome, and many tourists end up here on short stop-overs while they await the next ferry. Being stuck in a sea port is never that much fun, so the best thing to do while waiting for the ride to somewhere else is to have a look around, and enjoy the treats that this city has to offer the intrepid tourists.

Staying Near the Port

Things to do around the waterfront are in plentiful supply. Instead of going left towards the station, across the busy port tourists can find the seafront promenade, much of which is pedestrianised. There are some pleasant outdoor cafes with good views of the harbour and sea. The Viale Garibaldi is a place for tacky souvenir shops and colourful waterfront hotels and buildings. There’s also a good pub to quench the thirst. It's a good place to spend a few hours.

Tourists can also occupy themselves by walking along the top of the city walls (which are quite wide, so it’s safe) or visiting the Forte Michelangelo, a castle built in the 15th century, which is now a museum. If more shopping is required, the open air market might be worth a look – it's used by many of the locals.

Places to See in Civitavecchia

Other places to consider if the tourist is going to be stuck in the city for some time include:

  • The Terme Taurine – Ancient Roman baths that are now a botanical park with archaeological remains. For 8 EUR it is possible to get a 2 hour guided tour – although the baths are closed on Mondays. Recommended for the beauty of the baths and the Romanesque gardens designed in a formal ancient Roman style.
  • The Cathedral – The massive structure in classical Italian style now looks a bit foolish looming out of a car park, but nevertheless it’s an excuse to kill a few minutes admiring the building.
  • 'The Livorno gate – Located between the old city walls and the harbour, this gate once used to keep tourists out, but now appears to be just an expensive entrance to a fast food store. Il Pirgo – An excessively ornate pier that leads to a small island off of Civitavecchia, offers some pleasant views of the harbour and seafront.
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