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Civitavecchia is a small town in the province of Rome, Italy. It's the major port for the Roman area, and as a consequence attracts a number of tourists each year. It has a number of attractions in its own right, unsurprising for an ancient town near the capital of the Roman Empire. As well as traditional areas of tourism, such as museums and medieval architecture, Civitavecchia has a number of shopping centres which the tourist can use to while away the time between cruises.

Main Civitavecchia Shopping Centers

There are a number of shopping centres in Civitavecchia, including the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, and the Corso Centocelle. There is also a sea-front promenade that holds local stores, as well as cafes and restaurants. Tourist shops in the area will also sell items with a Civitavecchia engraving on – for example, clippers with an image of the Civitavecchian coast – or postcards.

When shopping in Civitavecchia, remember that Italian stores are frequently traditional. They prefer face-to-face communication; eye contact and good first impressions are vital to getting the right service. Conversation is a must, and in general, most Italians are warm and friendly to visitors. Tourists should also be on their guard against pickpockets and muggers, particularly around the main tourist areas (such as the train station).

Other Places to Shop in Civitavecchia

There's an open air market in the town center. It is not the size of other open air markets, such as the one in Barcelona, but there is plenty to see and do in the market. There are a range of items which can be bought here, from catch-of-the-day delicacies just brought in by ship to plastic toys, cheeses and other consumables. It's also possible to buy jewelry, such as attractive garnet and silver rings, and lingerie.

Despite these interesting shopping arrangements, tourist shopping is not widely appreciated in the city, and most shoppers head straight to Rome for significant tourist items. As Rome is only a short stop from Civitavecchia, it's worth considering using transport to visit the main town of Rome, as this is best practice for tourists to Italy. Civitavecchia is a quaint and traditional old town, but this is not a good enough reason to avoid traveling to Rome if the opportunity presents itself.
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