Bars and Cafes in Civitavecchia

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Civitavecchia is a port city a few kilometers from Rome. It's often seen as a quick stop-over between ferries. Tourists awaiting a particular cruise might find themselves waiting here overnight, but it's not a particularly touristy place once you get past the waterfront, and there is not actually a great deal to do in the city itself. In fact, Civitavecchia does not have a great deal to offer the tourist in terms of entertainment.


The best place for bars is probably the Seafront Promenade, which is within easy reach of the ferries. It is rather touristy in this area, possibly the only piece of Civitavecchia that is. It's here that most of the Civitavecchia bar and cafe options seem to be. Tourists anxious for a cheaper bar might be interested in searching out the hotel bars, as these may be slightly less expensive than buying from the promenade. If the tourist has time to move a little deeper into Civitavecchia, bars and cafes are available in the ‘old town’ part of the main shopping area, but be careful when using this street, as it is easy to become lost. The local bars may not be American-orientated, which will be a complication if no members of the group speak Italian. Hotels such as the La Medusa in the Via Aurelia Sud, or the Traghetto in Via Braccianese Claudia, are probably the best places to find suitable American-orientated service.


Like most of the Mediterranean parts of continental Europe, Civitavecchia boasts many open-air cafes. These cafe ‘bars’ are often without seating, and Espresso and Cappuccino are two drinks most favored here. Away from the very touristy cafes on the waterfront, tourists may come across language and custom barriers that inhibit service. In fact, the ferry is likely to provide a better cafe service than can be found away from the waterfront.

Civitavecchia is not a city that concentrates upon tourist income – it's a port, and that is where most of the economy originates. Visitors may have trouble finding bars and cafes in Civitavecchia that are American-orientated. Of course, with Rome is a short stop away, so most tourists are prepared to wait until they travel there before searching for places to eat and drink.

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