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ElmAgos B&B udine - Italy

ElmAgos B&B udine - Italy

Following is a Udine travel guide for tourists visiting this Italian city. It highlights the different things visitors should know about Udine.


Located about 40 km from the Slovenian border, the city is Friuli's historical capital. Ever since the Neolithic age, this region has been inhabited by different peoples. After the decline of the Western Roman Empire, Aquileia and Cividale, the area gradually increased in importance. Udine is first mentioned in history in 983 AD when the Utinum Castle was donated to the Patriarchs of Aquileia by Emperor Otto II. The city finally gained prominence in 1223 with the establishment of the market for trade and economy. The Republic of Venice conquered the city in 1420, and until 1797 it remained under Venetian control. After defeat in the battle of Caporetto in World War I, Udine became the Italian High Command's seat and since then has been an important part of Italy.

Important Sights

Due to its varied history and culture, Udine has a number of sights that attract thousands of visitors. The Palazzo Patriarcale, built in 1517, is a must visit attraction. This is the previous residence of Aquileia's patriarchs. The Cathedral of Udine, built in 1236, is another important sight in the city. Tourists can also visit the Venetia-Gothic styled Loggia del Lionello, built between 1448 and 1457. Opposite it is the Renaissance structure, Loggia di San Giovanni, which is also an important sight in Udine. Besides these, there are several parks, museums and statues that tourists can check out while visiting.


Udine offers comfortable accommodation for all kinds of tourists. From small budget lodgings to luxurious 5-star hotels, you can find them all in Udine. Tourists can also choose from Bed and Breakfast hotels that offer ideal accommodation at reasonable rates. Room amenities and rates differ from hotel to hotel, depending on the facilities. Tourists can also opt for vacation homes if they want a more private stay.

Udine boasts of numerous restaurants, pubs and cafes that mostly serve the local cuisine. Pizzas and pastas are the most popular dishes in Udine, as it is an authentic Italian City. Visitors can select from a wide range of restaurants that suit their budgets. Although there are restaurants and bars lining the many streets in Udine, the city center and main squares offer the best selection of cafes, restaurants and bars.


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