Top 5 Must Do's in Bologna

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Bologna is a large city in Emilia-Romagna, and there are several Bologna must do’s that should not be missed. This city has a large university and plenty of history to explore. Bologna is famous for its cuisine, as this is the birthplace of Bolognese sauce.

1. See the Two Leaning Towers

The two towers are perhaps one of the most well-known landmarks in the city. They are both leaning towers. At one point in time, the city had more than 100 towers, as they were signs of stature and wealth for families. There are about 20 still standing, but the most famous are the Garisenda tower and the Asinelli tower. You can climb to the top of the Asinelli tower, but the Garisenda tower is not sturdy enough to climb.

2. Explore the National Gallery

The National Gallery of Bologna contains works from the Baroque and early Baroque periods. It contains many works by those that are considered responsible for the period, such as the Carracci brothers and Guido Reni. Much of the work in the gallery is very religious and full of emotion due to the reformation. Some other works that should not be missed are the Last Supper by El Greco and Ecstasy of St Cecilia by Raphael.

3. Gaze at the Unfinished Basilica of St Petronius

The largest and most impressive of the churches in the city is the Basilica of St Petronius. This is one of the largest basilicas in the world. When it was first started, it was supposed to be larger than St. Peters Basilica in Rome, but the pope put a stop to such a grand design. The carvings in the door are quite spectacular, but the façade was never finished. Inside is a solar clock that played an important role in creating "leap year" due to issues with the calendar. It is believed that when the sun falls into the shape of a heart, all women should seek a husband.

4. Enjoy the Grand Fountain

The Neptune Fountain, found off the Piazza Maggiore, is quite exquisite. This fountain was designed by Jean Boulogne de Douai. At night the fountain is completely lit up, so this is perhaps the best time to go by and see it. At the top of the fountain is a bronze statue of Neptune, and below are four angels that represent the four different winds. Below the angels are four sirens that are symbols of the four known continents at the time the fountain was created.

5. Visit the Many Churches of St Stefano

The Basilica of St. Stephan is actually many different churches and crypt sand courtyards that all interconnect. At one point in time there were seven churches, though now there are only four. The churches include the Chiesa della Santa Trinita, Chiesa del San Sepolcro, Chiesa di Crocifisso and the San Vitale e Agricola.

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