Things to do in Bologna

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There are many Bologna things to do, as this is one of the largest cities in Italy. Bologna can easily be reached by train, as it is near Venice, Milan and Florence. The city has a lot of energy, and there are some beautiful areas to explore. The University quarter is particularly historic.

Palaces to Visit

The Palazzo di Re Enzo is a Gothic palace that was once the prison of the son of Frederick II, Enzo. This castle was not originally Gothic, but these design elements were added in 1905 when the palace was restored. There is a legend that Enzo could roam the palace during the day but was locked in a cage that hung from the ceiling at night.

The Palazzo Comunale is also known as Palazzo d’Accursio. It is located at Palazzo Maggiore, and is currently the town hall. The palace holds the Civic Art collection and the Museo Morandi. The façade of the palace has some beautiful portcullis and terracotta. There are many different exquisite artworks throughout the palace.

The Library in Bologna

One of the most important buildings in Bologna is the Archiginnasio. This was originally part of the University of Bologna, and is now a library. This building was commissioned by Pope Pius IV, and construction finished in 1563. The upper floors were originally study rooms for lawyers and artists and lecture halls. The first floor had an anatomical theatre which can still be seen. There are many statues around the walls that show the different doctors throughout history. If the doctor was very important, the statue was full-length; less important doctors only had busts.

A Beautiful Fountain

The Fountain of Neptune is right next to the Piazza Maggiore, and depicts Neptune on top of four angels and four sirens. The angels represent the four winds, and the four sirens represent the four known continents when the fountain was built. This fountain was designed by Tommaso Laureti, and a new feature was that the water basins did not follow geometric forms.

A Complex of Churches

Santo Stefano is actually a complex of churches, crypts and chapels. Originally there were seven churches, but now only four remain: Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro, Chiesa del Crocifisso, Chiesa del Calvario, and Basilica dei Santi Vitale. Most of the churches are surrounded by courtyards. This spot was always a place of worship, as it was a pagan site before the birth of Christ. These churches were built between the 5th and 12th centuries.

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