Shopping in Bologna

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Markets and Shops in Bologna

Opening hours

Shops in Italy have what seem peculiar opening hours for someone who is not from the Mediterrenean. Typically, shops are open between 9am and 12:30pm. At 12:30pm most of the shops close for three hours. At the same time, the streets of the city will empty because people tend to have an extensive lunch. At 3:30pm most shops open again to remain open until 7:30pm. Exceptions to this rule do exist. Some supermarkets remain open throughout the day. Be aware that on Thursday afternoon and on Sunday most shops in Bologna are closed. Some shops close also on Monday morning.

Markets and food shops:

Daily food market in the East of the city center in the neighborhood of Santa Maria dei Servi on Strada Maggiore, one of the main streets pointing East away from the Due Torri in the city center. A lot of fresh food and also good for great Italian cheeses (Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Mascarpone) if that is of your liking.

Panificio Vacca Angelo (Via Riva Reno 104, 051-262855) The best bakery in town for streghe (literally "witches") typical Bolognese crackers with rosemary, sesame seeds, pepper (very hot!) or just plain. Buy 100 gram of streghe (L2.000) and some gorgonzola across the street on Via Marconi in the big supermarket PAM and you've found yourself a lunch.

Supermercato PAM (Via Marconi 28A) Located on one of the main North-South streets (parallel to Via Indipendenza) and open during the normal lunch hours this is an excellent place to stock up on the essentials.

Panificio Osti Giuliano (Via Galliera 34) A great bakery just West of Via Independenza. A must for people staying at Hotel Cristallo for breakfast! Try any of the breads, cookies or other goodies, especially the raviola con la mostarda , which is a Bolognese cookie with a pear and apple jam (L1.100).


A nice area for shops is Via Indipendenza where you can find everything from perfumes, to cloths, cameras and film, and even a slice of pizza. The fanciest shops are in Galleria Cavour, just South East of the main square, Piazza Maggiore (nr. 30 on the map) or on Via Farini nearby.

During the whole month of July shops have the Summer Sale. Sometimes sales start even earlier. It is a great time to pick up some great buys.

All purpose market

On Fridays and Saturdays a big market is held around about Piazza VIII Agosto in the city center. It is interesting just to stroll around and see what the locals buy, you can pick up an interesting buy yourself for little money. It has also the largest second hand clothing market in Italy. Be aware of pickpocketting, though!

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Pizza di Merdda

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Pizza di Merdda

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