Getting Around in Bologna

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Bologna Transportation is similar to other European cities. The best options are either to rent a bike, take the bus or just plain walk, as Bologna is a relatively condensed city and hostile to cars in its downtown area. One may buy tickets for the bus, run by ATC, at central locations like the railway and coach stations, where multi-trip discounts are offered (10 euros worth of fare for 8.50, for example). Otherwise single fares, which last 60 minutes, can be purchased for 1 euro. Fares may also be purchased on the bus or at many different shops (newsstands, tobacco shops, etc.). Buses #25 and 30 run between the train station and the center at Piazza Maggiore. The tourist office is located at this square and is open daily from 9:30 to 7:30pm. Make sure to pick up a map here.

Bikes are very popular amongst residents of Bologna. They may be rented in locations around the city, one place being near the train station. It is important to lock them, as they are frequently stolen, especially near the university district.


Bologna is encircled by the Viali , a beltway surrounding the city. At the center of this, more or less, you will find the Piazza Maggiore. The northeast quadrant of Bologna is the University district. The two southern quadrants are residential and not very interesting for tourists. The central train station is just outside the beltway, in the northeast quadrant near the university district.

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