Festivals in Bologna

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There are many Bologna festivals throughout the year, and most follow the religious calendar. Not only do people celebrate the religious holidays, but there are several festivals put on by various companies, theatre and music groups, and the city itself.

Madonna di San Luca

Easter is the most important religious festival of the year. The celebration focuses around the Madonna di San Luca. She is famous because after her image was brought to the city, the heavy rains that had plagued the city suddenly stopped in 1433. Each year during Easter, her image is transported to the Basicilica di San Petronio. It is blessed and then brought back to its home in the Santuario de San Luca.

Music Festivals

If you love music, then you should visit during one of these festivals. The first Bologna music festival of the year is sometime between March and May, and the second is between October and November. These concerts have been occurring for more than 20 years, and many international performers travel to the city just for these festivals. Other music festivals include the Busseto in June, which is a Verdi voice competition as well as an Opera festival.

Another music festival is the Made in Bo event. This actually lasts all summer, and presents many art and music concerts. The Flippaut concert is the most anticipated rock concert of the year. Flippaut occurs in Jun,e and the MTV concert occurs in September.

Car Racing

During May you can enjoy Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, as Bologna is home to both Lamborghini and Ducati factories. The Imola racetrack has trial runs on Fridays and Saturdays, and the main event runs on Sundays. Italy is known for its cars, and these races are a great way to see these vehicles going as they were meant to: fast!

Festivals in Winter

Some winter holidays include the Borgo Tossignano, which is a Mardi Gras carnival, Sfilata dei Fantaveicolo, which is another carnival with floats, and the Festival di Santo Apolloni, held from February 4th to the 14th. The Brisighella is an olive oil festival that occurs on the first Sunday of December.

Celebrating Food

In autumn there are many food festival,s such as the Langhirano during the first week of September, which is a festival dedicated to Parma ham. In August there is a festival for parmesan cheese and a honey fair. The first Sunday of September is the sausage festival and at the end of September is the Festa dell’Uva, or wine festival.

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