Family Travel Ideas in Bologna

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Bologna family travel can include many different activities, as this city is full of history, culture, good food and plenty of great areas to visit. Bologna is found in the Emilia-Romagna region, and is most well known for the pasta sauce that originated from the city, Bolognese.

Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nattuno

The largest square in the city is the Piazza Maggiore. This square is one of the oldest parts of the cit,y and is surrounded on all sites by renaissance buildings. In the Piazza there are plenty of cafes, bars, street performers and musicians.

A great away to get everyone involved is to create a scavenger hunt where everyone has to find or view the item on the given list. This can be a perfect way for the whole family to get active and explore the many different piazzas.

Right next to the Piazza Maggiore is the Piazza del Nattuno which contains the Fontana di Nettuno. This fountain was created in 1566. The fountain is of the god Neptune surrounded by angels and fish. It is a beautiful and grand fountain that is a great meeting place.

Two Historic Quarters

A great area to explore and relax for a bit is the University Quarter. This quarter, found off Via Zamboni, features the University of Bologna. This university, the oldest in Europe, opened 900 years ago. You can also find a wide range of cafes and bars and many different students from around the world.

If you're traveling teenagers, then the historic quarters are popular places for them to meet people their own age. The local culture is specifically for a younger crowd. Check out the flyers for any nighttime entertainment at the university.

Via Santo Stefano is another great area to explore. This street leads to four different churches: Chiesa di Corcifisso, Santo Sepolcro, Santi Vitale e Agricola, and Santo Stefano. Chiesa di Crocifisso is from the 11th century and is very small. Santo Sepolcro is a polygonal temple and holds the tomb of San Pertonio. If you go out the back entrance of the church, you will enter the Piazza di Pilatus which contains several more chapels. This is supposedly the courtyard where Pilate washed his hands after he condemned Jesus to death. There are several churches within the Santi Vitale e Agricola.

The Leaning Towers of Bologna

Bologna has two different towers, the Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre degli Garisenda. Both towers are leaning and built in the 12th century. Towers were considered status symbols in the Middle Age, and each important family had one. At this time there were many towers in Bologna, but today these are the only surviving two. You can climb to the top of Torre degli Asinelli, where the view is quite stunning. This climb is appropriate for everyone in the family who is in good health, although you should make sure to read any health warnings before attempting the ascent.

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