Budget Travel Ideas in Bologna

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Bologna Budget Travel is very possible. A bit overlooked by international tourists, Bologna offers a pleasant respite from more bustling touristic cities like Venice and Rome. As Bologna is a less touristic city, visitors will be happy to see that prices (aside from lodging) are more reasonable.

What to See and Do on the Cheap

The Palazzo del Podesta and Basilica di San Petronio are located right off the Piazza Maggiore and are free to visit. The Fountain of Neptune is very near as well. Bologna offers a variety of free museums, listed below:

  • Archaeological Museum
  • National Picture Gallery (free for under 18 children)
  • Several of the University Museums
  • Anthropology Museum

Otherwise, a Bologna Museum card can be purchased for either 6 euros (1 day) or 8 euros (3 days), which will give you access to many other museums.

It would be a sin to leave Bologna without walking through its 666 famous porticos, starting at Porto Saragozza. It is also important to see the University Quarter, located on Via Zamboni.

In the month of July, restored silent and sound films are shown in Piazza Maggiore and many other festival are held in the summer months, admission ranging from free to 5 euros.

For a bird's eye view of Bologna, climb Torre degli Asinelli, which is 98m high. It is open daily from 9 am to 6pm. Admission is 3 euros.

Eat and Sleep

Most of the fun of visiting Bologna is trying its many culinary delights and tasting food at its small vendors. The best bet for cheaper food is Via Augusto Righi, Via Peilla and Via Saragozza. Food is never low quality as vendors use fabulous local produce. A good bet is also in the University zone, such as Trattoria L'Assassino ( Via Vinazzetti 7/A ) or Al Matusel ( Via Bertoloni 2 ).

Lodging is a bit difficult in Bologna and should be reserved ahead of time. Hostels are not particularly commonplace. Many of the hotels are located around V. Ugo Bassi and V. Marconi. Two alternative are are the guesthouse Ospiti da Farbizio (Via Sant'Anna 20) and hotel/dorm Collegio Universitario S. Tommaso d'Aqunio a Bologna (Via San Domenico 1).

One hostel option, six kilometers from the downtown, is Ostello due Torre San Sisto (V. Viadagola 5). Dorms start at 18 euros. Hostel offers a basketball court and satellite TV.

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