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Task 1Dear Emily,These two weeks in Nice with you have been fantastic. I want to thank you aohnter time for letting me stay in your apartment. I also want to thank you for your trouble.Nice is a very beautiful city. I really enjoyed spending my vacation here. I liked Massena Square, especially in the night, when the contemporary art sculptures in the square were starting to illuminate. I think this is a very original way to create something new with art. Art in Nice is everywhere, not just in the evening, and it is easy to meet performing or street artists in the Centre of the city.Another thing I really appreciate is the sea. In Italy we have a really beautiful sea but only in specific areas like Sardinia or Paglia for example. In my region, Emilia Romagna, there isn't a beautiful sea because Mediterranean has dark sand on the beach.I wish you would come to Bologna as soon as possible so we can see each other again and spend a few days together.Task 2It is becoming more and more important for children to spend some of their leisure time exercising every day. This is important because many children eat a lot of junk food, especially between mealtimes. In addition, when they aren't eating, they are watching television or playing video games, with play stations or other games consoles.If they focus their attention on television screens for a long time, it might be detrimental for their vision and even for their attention span. Although this situation could be acceptable during winter or autumn, it became unacceptable when there is a good weather. Doing sports is a good way to preserve our children's health and, teach them that there are other ways to have fun with other children without video games.At the same time, sports should mean participation and having fun. Unfortunately for a few parents, sports only mean competition and winning. Their behaviour could be dangerous for their sons who learn what's important is always to win. The really important thing in sports is to have fun with new friends. Otherwise instructors and coaches could teach the real significance of sports, but this is difficult when parents don't consider it is the right thing to teach them.

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