Furore Travel Guide

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 Along the slopes of the ‘Monti Lattari’, on the road that from Amalfi winds round until it reaches Agerola, we find Furore, “The town that doesn’t exist”, or possibly, “The town that never existed”. Today the walls of it’s houses have been patiently painted by artists from all over the world, who every year are invited and hosted by the welcoming community of Furore, allowing it to turn out to be the “Town of painted walls”. Tourist’s eyes now gaze at Furore, where as before it was just the road used to reach the more popular towns of the Amalfi Coast, such as, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. Furore has now been counted as one of the most, “Beautiful Suburbs in Italy”. The natural small port of Furore, its fiord, is dominated by small houses that were lived in by fisherman of tuna and coral, of blue fish and flying squid of the famous ‘nassa prawns’ and of the precious “Pezzogna”. The fiord was the port of call for all the travelers of the Gran Tour, that back in time, wanted to reach Amalfi from Sorrento.

 The first accounts of Furore, probably date back to roman times, when it seems, a group of roman patriots, from Capri, were wandering amongst the cliffs of “Punta Campanella”, and the small islands of Galli, “Sirenum Scopuli” of Virgilio, finally stumbled upon that little natural port that in those days was known as the “Scaricatojo”( a place for unloading), From here they went back along through the valleys on the paths which still today lend there beauty to natural walks which stretch out on the cliffs of Scala, where they founded one of the first settlements of the Amalfi Coast.

 The corner of the stream, joins from the sea to the tiny town situated at the start of the “Sentieri Dei Dei” (“Path of the Gods”), in the olden days was called the “Scaricatojo”; the name recalled that in those times fishermen gathered, from archaic cable-cars, bundles of branches sent onto the shore by woodsmen from the summits of the S’Angelo mountain. On the slopes of this mountain they found shelter and came across some coalminers, with whom they united to help, and take part, in the Moti revolution against the barbarians. This gave life to a number of legends, which are still being told amongst the residents of Furore.

 Furore is not amongst the most visited towns by the travelers of the “Gran Tour”, they always preferred the already famous, Amalfi, Ravello and Positano. However for a variety of different reasons it was visited by a number of famous travelers who would reach Amalfi via Sorrento. They were able to admire the wild beauty of the Crevano cliffs, later to become the home of the “Furore Inn Resort”. Amongst there writings we find such testimonies;

 << Amongst the high summits of the ‘Lattari’ mountains, writes Keppel Craven, in 1818, the society of Coalminers, born as a result of political dignity, found numerous followers, the majority of coalminers, from any village, elected as a leader one of their friends, once elected they gained the power to influence the choice of the different official guards.<< 


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