Gioia Tauro Travel Guide

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promeande from mount St.Elia overlooking palmi and gioia tauro

promeande from mount St.Elia overlooking palmi and gioia tauro

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Gioia Tauro (Metauros – formally a Greek city during the Magna Graecia era) is a growing village by the sea in the province of Reggio Calabria. Gioia Tauro is located between Naples and Palermo, the next closest town is Palmi which is 7 Km due south. Palmi was "discovered" at the turn of the century by the English aristocracy and today is considered the "jewel" of the Costa Viola for its trendy shopping and sandy beaches. Gioia Tauro is located in the gulf of Gioia, (it holds the second largest port in Europe… after Rotterdam). On a clear day, you can see Sicily and the Aeolian islands AKA Lipari Islands, from the Costa Viola. The “Cittadella” is the oldest part of Gioia Tauro where you can find St. Antonio’s Church and several baroque style buildings with beautiful portals; you can see the ruins of the necropolis in the “contrada Petra” (Petra’s Quarter) and the ruins of a roman villa. In Gioia Tauro Marina along the lungo mare is the century old Gaslini citrus plant.


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