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Views of Monte Rosa

Views of Monte Rosa

Stephanie Butts

    Alagna Valsesia is a small ski village where the road literally ends.  Alagna is located in Piedmont and is found at the base of the mountain "Monte Rosa".
    Monte Rosa, meaning 'Pink Mountain' got its name by an ancient local idiom: "rosa" come from "rosà" meaning "ice, iced" in the local idiom  of Valle d'Aosta. Then Monte Rosa means Ice Mountain. Alagna's nickname is "Freeride Paradise" and is a very hot spot for skiers and snowboarders.
    The actual town itself has a very nice Alpine charm and offers restaurants serving regional specialties such as Polenta or MiacciaPolenta is a cornmeal dish served hot with toppings such as meat sauce or cheese.  Miaccia is almost like a folded crepe.  Other regional items include Toma cheese which is typical of this area.
    If you love chocolate, Mirella's Bar is the place for you!  This café / pastry shop is a great find and a great place to stop!
    If you love the mountains, Alagna is a great place to come.  Not only is it popular with those involved in winter sports but even if you are not interested in that, Monte Rosa offers an array of amazing views and down below in the town of Alagna you can take walks, wander through shops and experience the wonderful hospitality that The Italian Alps has to offer.

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