Douglas Travel Guide

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Douglas Promenade

Douglas Promenade

In 2006, the population of Douglas was 26,218, making it the largest town on the Isle of Man. Although everyone speaks English on the Isle of Man, the old native language was Manx Gaelic. Manx is not longer a first language for anyone, as the last native speaker passed away in the 1970's, but there is now more focus on teaching the language in elementary schools and many signs in Douglas are in both English and Manx. Douglas is located on a breathtaking 2-mile harbor where the rivers Dhoo and Glass meet.

What to Do

Perhaps one of the most popular sites in Douglas is the well-known motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT race. This is a timed race with the highest average speed recorded at 130.354mph made by John McGuiness (the race taking him 17 hours, 22 minutes).

Visible from the harbor is the islet that has one lonely building - the Tower of Refuge. It is a building shaped like a smaller castle and was constructed for wrecked shipmen to have a safe place to stay until they could be rescued. The rocks were often not seen in the night, so ships would capsize, but in the tower would be all they needed to survive.


There are numerous pubs in Douglas and you will likely find one on every street downtown.  If you want one that overlooks the harbor, just take a stroll and find it. If you want one in the hilly areas of town, there are some there, too. There are over 40 pubs in Douglas and most of them serve the typical United Kingdom dishes, especially seafood found in the Irish Sea.

Where to Stay

The Sefton Express Hotel is an affordable accommodation with a friendly and homey atmosphere. All rooms in the hotel have modern amenities like a flat screen television and a coffee maker. Rooms start at only $78 per night and you are guaranteed the best prices if you book online. With rooms starting at around $150 per night, the Town Hose is a beautiful apartment-style building with more privacy than you will find in a hotel. The Town House is located on the promenade, facing the sprawling harbor of Douglas. You can also arrange for an airport shuttle, breakfast in your room or for many activities like canoeing and fishing. Wireless internet is available and there is all of the restaurants, pubs, and sites are just a walk away.

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